New Patient FAQ’s

Please bring the following insurance information:

  1. Your Insurance card including your ID number, & group number. We will make a photo copy of your insurance card.
  2. For workman’s compensation claims and automobile injuries bring your claim number, and the date of the injury. Please inform your Doctors office if your scan will be covered under workman’s compensation.
  3. Please bring any outside films that might pertain to the scan being done; this will help the Radiologist in reading your scan.

Do I need to be pre-authorized by my insurance company before my scan?
As a courtesy, we will try to get the pre-authorization on all CT’s and MRI’s. It is ultimately the patients’ responsibility to verify that authorization has been obtained prior to the scan.

We will give you an estimated cost of your exam.We will place you in contact with our billing department to help you set up a payment plan.

We would appreciate at least a partial payment. However, we understand that at times this can be difficult. Our billing office can help you make payment arrangements.

We accept cash, checks, Visa, and MasterCard, Care Credit.

Every procedure varies

MR-most single exams are 20-30 min.

CT-most exams are 10-15 min.

XRAY-10 min.

US- between 20-30 min.

We have a 24 hour turn around for our reports that are obtained through our radiologist. Most reports are obtained before then. STAT orders as well are received within 2-4 hours post procedure.

Only procedures where patient needs to have medication in order to relax and take the exam

With a CT scan with Contrast yes -4 hours NPO

With a US for the abdomen yes- 8 hours NPO